What to do when you become a victim of discrimination ?


Discrimination is a common trend that exist in our community, society and peers today. It could be in your place of work or study center either as a result of questions that seems offensive regarding marital status, educational grades, health challenges and even gender.  This unfair treatment is complicated and unbearable.

Over the years, we have derived strategies based on research on how to mitigate these personal issues in our society and see the real-world situation on our shoes. Focus and consistency wins the race.

Have a Self-Thought. Whenever you are suspicious about a scene that exposes you to open confrontation or embarrassment regarding your pains or sorrowful secret stories or affairs , take a deep breath, a nap and re-examine the scenario if you were actually undermined or exposed. Being a victim of this kind can trigger a physiological response that will cause an increased blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature.

A deep sleep will clear this strong emotional depression and then help you strategies on how to mitigate this issue. Treat this matter on a slow pace and do your thorough investigation to know if the unfair act experienced was a result of an open secret or unconscious act before you react to the situation.

In workplace, keep an open mind and focus on your strength. One way to always win doing your job efficiently and ignore less matters around you. To your employer, your skills, knowledge of a jobs makes you unique and this is what they value most in employee. This is how you stand out and if you don’t have a skill, focus on learning one.

Today employment continues to change from “Onsite employment to Remote Job” where there is a structure of independent work culture that looks at result-oriented mindset. It’s now a norm for the most skilled personnel to make more even where they are differences in race, cultures, belief and health challenge.

In your Society, work with like minds. The environment we live in today is characterized with people of different race, culture, belief and character. The culture of segregation is to bond with like minds and improve yourself. This empirically means that people with like minds learn faster from each other as a result of mutual understanding and interest. To make this work, you can setup a community or a group of people with like mind using a social media channel.


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